S.B., female, 46, lumbar thoracic spine surgery 12/28/2013

Dear Dr. Rogers,
When I had the first appointment with you I did not know how to characterize you but my gut feeling was right. There are no words going through my mind, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to let you work on my back. I felt blessed, confident, and courage. I was scared I would never use my legs. You are the best. Keep the talent and the most important take care of your Golden finger, it is the gift was given to be used in the best place.

F.L., male, 82, cervical spine surgery 2/4/2013

Dear Dr. Rogers,
It's been quickly 12 months since I had my surgery. I want to share my thoughts with you! Before the surgery, I had numbness in my hands and legs because of the fall I took earlier in 2012. It gradually got so bad that I was no longer able to hold a glass of water or walk normally. I had met with over half a dozen doctors over 6 months with different specializations but no one was able to diagnose the problem. Some of them said I was just getting old and the numbness would just stay forever. deep in my heart, I know that wasn't so and I really worried. Finally, my family doctor sent me to see you. I was amazed at your knowledge and professionalism, your ability to identify the problem immediately. Although I was very scared about having surgery on my neck, and the possibility of losing my voice, you assured me that the risk would be less than 1%. So I have confident going for surgery. I did not feel any pain during and after the 6-hour surgery. I was told that you came by to check on me numerous times when I was still recovering. I cannot tell you how well I was treated at Glendale Memorial Hospital. Just like you, the staff was very caring and they attended to all my needs after a very successful surgery. I was released after 7 days at the hospital, I feel that I have a new life. 12 months later, the numbness has been progressively minimized and I am able to walk almost normally, and the surgery mark on my neck has disappeared. Thanks to your skillful hands, I went from despair to worry to hopeful joy! Thanks to you, I am able to spend many more meaningful years with my family. Your gift to me is priceless. I also need to thank Richard and Angela at your office. Their warmth and concern for my well-being was obvious from the first time I came for consultation. Every time I come to your office, I feel like I am visiting family. From the bottom of my heart, and along with my family, thanks a million.

J.B., female, 66, cervical spine surgery 10/30/2013

Dr. David Rogers is a gifted, kind and caring doctor with deep convictions in helping patients regain their previous healthy life. His professionalism, doesnt only show in his surgery but through his efficient, wonderful staff. I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience at the Dr. David Rogers, M.D. office.

E.R., female, 68, lumbar spine surgery 11/28/2012

I have been a patient of Dr. David E. Rogers since 2012. I have had the best care and treatment. I had my spinal surgery on November 29, 2012. Since my surgery, Dr. Rogers and his team and staff have excited my expectations. I am feeling wonderful after my surgery thinks to Dr. Rogers every day and I struggled to do my daily activities, through therapy and treatment I am can able to walk better and feel great. All of the staff was wonderful. I want to personally thank Dr. Rogers and his assistant Angela for all the compassion and kindness I have received. I feel very blessed to have Dr. David E. Rogers as my doctor. Thank you! God bless you!

K.D., female, 44, cervical spine surgery 11/19/2012

As I was lying on a gurney in the pre-op area, I was told by a member of the surgical team at Glendale Memorial that I had hit the lottery when I found Dr. David Rogers and I truly believe that. For 10 years I suffered with chronic neck pain and even had a minimally invasive surgery in 2009 with a different neurosurgeon and experienced minimal results. I am a little over one year S/P a two level cervical disk replacement from Dr. Rogers and I have to say I am amazed at the results. Dr. Rogers is definitely gifted at what he does. he is one of the most thorough physicians I have encountered. Tests were ordered on my first visit and I was back in his office within a few weeks going over the results. He took his time going over all of my options and ultimately left the decision up to me. When I opted for surgery, Dr. Rogers scheduled an appointment to meet with my family and explained, very patiently, what would take place before, during, and after surgery. When I had an issue with my insurance company (literally three days before my scheduled surgery) he spent his time trying to work out other options for me. Dr. Rogers and his staff (Angela & Richard) are kind, caring, professional, and definitely a breath of fresh air. I hope they know how much their kindness meant to me when I was going through personal (non-medical) problems during my recovery. Dr. Roger's office is clean, quiet, efficient, and he doesn't "stack" his patients the way other orthopedic surgeons do. I have and will continue to recommend that anyone with spine issues make an appointment for an evaluation with Dr. David Rogers. He is definitely one of the best in this field.

J.B., male, 75, neck surgery Oct. 2007/back surgery Sept. 2012

Having been in law enforcement for 46 years, I've had my share of back and neck injuries. Many years prior to my retirement in May 2007. I suffered pain in my neck and back everyday. I'm Nov. 2007 Dr. Rogers did surgery on my neck which did away with most of the pain in my neck and all of the pain under my shoulder blade and down my right arm. After many years of pain to my lower back and fighting with the city attempting to get approval for the surgery, I finally had back surgery in Sept. 2012. After 8 hours of surgery and 29 days in the hospital and two rods and screws, I went home standing taller and 75% better. I continue to get better and more active everyday. Dr. Rogers spent hours fighting with the city on my behalf to get the surgery I so desperately needed. Dr. Rogers and his staff (Angela and Richard) go out of their way keeping you informed and making you feel like family and friends. There is no doubt that they truly care about your well being.

M.E., male, 68, lumbar spine surgery 5/21/2012

I was having severe lower back pain and a friend recommended that I see Dr. Rogers. He listened to my concerns and explained what kind of surgery I needed to have. He did my lower back surgery and I'm living a normal life again without pain.
Thank you Dr. Rogers for taking good care of me. You and your staff at the office and at the hospital are the best.

J.F., male, 68, lumbar spine surgery 1/16/2012

Dave is a highly skilled, educated by Harvard Medical School, trained surgeon that specializes in Cervical-Thoracic-Lumbar Spine Orthopedic Surgery. his record of successful surgeries is "The Best". He is the highly intelligent, honest, understanding, warm, son, brother, father or husband you have ever wished for. His office staff is also "the Best" with his brother, Richard Rogers and Angelia providing quick and responsive answers to questions and appointments. Dave performed successful low-back surgery on me and I am thankful that a friend referred me to him. His bedside manner is superb! My recommendation is to give Dave a call.

L.O., female, 52, lumbar spine surgery 11/30/2011

I had made the best choice of having spinal surgery done by Dr. Rogers, approximately 2 years ago. I was suffering with back pain for the past 6 years prior to having my surgery. I had tried numerous things as advised by my PCP, including Physical Therapy and two years of epidural injections, but saw little to no results. Since I had severe pain, I consulted with one of LA's well-known hospital's top Neurosurgeons. During my examination, the Surgeon told me and my husband that he wouldn't recommend surgery even if it were for his own wife since I had spinal stenosis on both sides of my lower back, including a very large bulged disk on L4-5. The doctor stated that it would be too risky of a surgery and that he might even damage the canals, plus cannot guarantee it would be successful.
I then decided to consult with another well-known hospital's top Neurosurgeon. This doctor reviewed my MRI and explained that he will do my surgery; however, could not guarantee that it would be successful as well. even after hearing both Surgeons not guaranteeing the success of my spinal surgery, I went ahead and schedule the surgery with the 2nd Surgeon. Two days before my surgery, I decided to take my co-workers suggestion and called Dr. Rogers office and scheduled an emergency appointment to consult with him.
My daughter and I met Dr. Rogers late afternoon where he reviewed my MRI. He recommended emergency surgery and guaranteed that the pain will go away. Contrary to the other 2 Surgeon's beliefs, Dr. Rogers was assuring and convincing that I didn't even hesitate to say yes right away. Several days later, Dr. Rogers performed the surgery. The surgery went well and the recovery was easy. Dr. Roger's and his staff are very professional and caring towards their patients. They are welcoming and treat you as part of their family. Even though I know I will eventually need another surgery due to the closing of my canals, I would not hesitate to go by Dr. Roger's. He is an excellent Surgeon and a very trustworthy individual.

P.S., female, 71, lumbar spine surgery 9/9/2011

Dr. Rogers is a great person as well as an expert in his field. He spends a lot of time with us, as well as the other patients. He tries very hard to do whatever is necessary for his patients. I have had two procedures by Dr. Rogers with great success. I have run into his patients out of his office and they all had great things to say about him. I had my opinion that he is a great doctor as well as a great person. His staff is also very friendly and supportive of his patients. It has been nothing short of a great experience to meet him and his staff. I wish him success in his life.

D. F., woman, 40 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 08/18/08

I've been living with sever and chronic pain for a long time and thought that I would never be able to get relief nor did I believe that I would be properly diagnosed and treated. Being referred to Dr. Rogers was a blessing! His professionalism and true concern of my well being was in no doubt his one and only priority. All the years of going through doctors in trying finding the root of the problem to my condition and to give proper treatment was and has been a real nightmare that no one should go through. Dr. Rogers and his office staff have always greeting me with a smile and make sure that all that is needed from beginning to end to completed within a timely manner. You couldn't ask for a great group of people to be a part of his practice. Dr. Rogers is always polite and listens to you without making you feel that you’re taking up his time. I give him nothing but praise and always refer to him as the greatest Doctor in the US of A. When I was referred to Dr. David Rogers for my medical condition I was so impressed and relieved that there is still a piece of humanity in a Doctor in this day and age. I've never felt so comfortable and at ease with Dr. Rogers. He has given me hope that my condition can be treated. His concern for his patients shows with every visit that I have made to his office. His office staff also compliments him as well and represents quality professionalism at its best. You couldn't ask for a great group of people that make you feel welcomed and that are truly concerned for your well being.

S. T., woman, 72 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 07/14/08

How do you ever thank Dr. David Rogers for making my life worth living? I am a 73 year old woman that was in so much pain I didn't care whether I lived any longer. I had been on pain pills for a long time until I found Dr. Dave. He performed surgery on my neck because it would no longer hold up my head. I now have no problems or pain and am able to move my neck to the right and the left. Now I do not have to worry about losing my driver’s license.
I still had pain in my left hip but when Dr. Dave had tests run it showed nothing wrong. He never gave up trying to help me. He then took an X-ray himself of a previous surgery on my lower back that I had in Feb. 2006 and saw something that he felt needed more extensive testing. The tests were taken and showed that the vertebrae had not fused and that one of the screws was coming lose. Hopefully in the next month Dr. Dave will be doing surgery to correct this. I have no fear or anxiety about having this surgery. I will have Dr. David Rogers to thank for the rest of my life to be able to enjoy my senior years.

L. K., woman, 48 at time of surgery , date of anterior cervical spine surgery 05/28/08

I want to personally thank you for the excellent care that you have provided me since my car accident in early March 2008. With my spinal injury, you took the time to explain my options, answer my questions, all The while mankind sure I understood the procedures you would perform. You are an excellent surgeon, showing your in-depth knowledge in your specialty, and professionalism which puts your patients at ease when facing the very difficult decision as to their course of treatment. You are very friendly and personable with a comforting and calming bedside manner. I've had a positive experience with you Dr. Rogers. Each time I scheduled an appointment with you, I never had to wait for more than a few minutes before being seen. I appreciate the fact that you do not rush from one patient to another just because your schedule is full. I left my appointments with full understanding of my treatment under your care. I also appreciate how efficient, friendly and professional your office staff is with your patients. This is a true reflection of how they are being treated by you! I feel blessed to have chosen you as my surgeon, and 1 look forward to a full recovery under your care. You did an excellent job on a very complex surgery and I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of an orthopedic surgeon.

B. R., man, 71 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 04/02/08

I had a cervical surgery last March 2008 that was performed by Dr. David Rogers. I fell on the bed early in the morning and my neck was severely injured. My daughter rushed me to the nearest hospital which is Glendale Memorial Hospital. They conducted some X-rays and they found out that my cervical was really dislocated. They admit me right away in the hospital and they informed Dr. Rogers. The doctor performed some testing and he concluded that I should undergo cervical surgery as soon as possible. Dr. Rogers and the other doctors performed the operation the following day. The good doctor took care of me and gave me the best service I can ask for. Dr. Roger did regular checkups and visits to ensure that I'm ok. In post operation Dr. Rogers help a "lot in my fast recovery. All the staff nurses were very polite and helpful. I am very grateful to Dr. Rogers and his staffs for all the help that they provide. I never regret that I choose Glendale Memorial Hospital and thankful that they recommend the best doctor that they have. I never expect that a young doctor like him can perform a complicated operation.

B. P., man, 52 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 03/12/08

Two and ½ years ago I was at the end of my rope I had 2 previous spine surgeries, endured numerous treatments to block the pain and daily pain meds and never fully recovered and was always in pain with no end in sight of ever felling better again. A friend recommended that I call Dr. Rogers so I finally did and after my first consultation I realized that I waited too long to call him and that there were more options for me. Two and 1/2 years later I feel better, no longer have to take pain medication or need treatments to block the pain and know that I made the right decision by calling Dr. Rogers. The one thing that always impresses me is that he is always accommodating, consistent and is always professional. He takes the time to sit and listen and is very thorough when researching and presenting your treatment options. Dr. Rogers always ensures that your appointment is time well spent and never rushed so that you leave each appointment with answers and not more questions. Dr. Rogers’s office staff is professional, friendly and is always there to back up the doctor to ensure the patients are taken care of and any outside services needed are scheduled in a timely manner. Dr. Rogers is always attentive to his patients during your hospital stay and ensures that your needs as well as the needs of your family are met while in the hospital. Dr. Rogers surrounds himself with hospital staff and colleges that also ensure the same. Dr. Rogers saved my life and I have never met another Doctor like him.

M. R., woman, 51 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 2/25/2008

I had an accident in 1999. After the accident, I started having severe pain in the lower back. I visited many doctors, but no one could help me. Finally my brother in law, recommended me to Dr. David Rogers. Dr. Rogers gave me a lot of attention and listen to me carefully. Dr. Rogers performed some testing and he concluded that I should have surgery. From the day of the surgery, all my pain and suffering were completed. Now I am a new person and that is why after God, Dr. Rogers is the only person I trust.

G. R., man, 47 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 12/19/07

I had an accident at work, injured my upper back, right shoulder, rib and neck in December, 1996. I went to see two doctors before seeing Dr. Rogers they really did not suggest surgery. In mid 2007 I saw Dr. Rogers he did a real good job on CT-SCAN, MRI, and X-RAYS lab work and research on my problem as for my back and neck pain I've gone on a lot of test, before years and years for about ten years still no relief until Dr. Rogers did surgery on my upper back. He explained every detail to me and my family before and after the surgery, and he recommended physical therapy with a great physical therapists Lorraine Thompson 3 times a week. I do not have back pain as before therapy has helped me a lot. Also I do not have problems with my shoulder or neck I'm able to do more than before I recommended Dr. Rogers to my sister-in-law she also had the same operation done and she is doing better. Dr. Rogers is a great kind, caring and understanding person and a great listener, he takes time to listen to you and makes descent decisions on your needs regarding your health. I am glad I met Dr. Rogers I thank god for putting myself in his care. Dr. Rogers thank you for being here for me, and my family.

T. S., woman, 55 at time of surgery, date of posterior cervical spine surgery 12/17/07

I'm writing today to tell my personal story in the hope that it may help others to decide upon a course of action regarding their own health decisions.
I have had neck pain and related issues for many years, which became extremely worse in October, 2007. I had tests performed, and went through my local provider for an evaluation. I was told by a specialist that the problems with my cervical spine were the worst he had ever seen in his practice; he admitted that he did not know of any surgeon he could recommend performing this extensive, difficult operation. I am, myself, a healthcare provider, and am fortunate enough to have a wide range of friends and colleagues to whom I could appeal to for advice. I was directed toward Doctor David Rogers, and thus began to receive the critical help I needed. It was clear to me from the very first meeting that Dr. Rogers, in addition to his superior skills as a surgeon, views every patient as an important person, and that he cares personally for their well being. Every step of the way Dr. Rogers kept me informed in detail, and reassured me that I would be healthy again. I am well on my way to a full recovery, and feel blessed to have found Dr. Rogers. I would recommend him to anyone, based upon his remarkable surgical skills, but also for his obvious love of medicine, and his personal and genuine concern for his patients. If anyone wishes to speak to me personally regarding this recommendation, I would be happy and eager to do so.

E. R., woman, 55 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 12/05/07

I was in pain for almost a year. I went to many doctors and they all gave me pills for pain. I had physical therapy, chiropractor treatments and epidural injections in my neck. Nothing worked. I told my family doctor that I would rather die than live with this pain. Then, I saw Dr. Rogers. He took time to get to know me. He found out what was wrong and presented detailed options. He answered questions for me and all three of my kids. I chose to have the surgery on my neck. The first thing I remember when I woke up was that THE PAIN WAS GONE! I had a sense of relief a year after. I don’t remember having any post op pain. My recovery was fast. I was able to do things that I thought I would never do again. The surgery fixed things that I did not know were problems. I truly believe Dr. Rogers saved my life. Besides being clinically expert, he was kind and caring. He paid attention to every detail of my care and kept my family informed and reassured. Or I, going to see him was the best decision of my life.

R. P., woman, 74 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 10/01/07

Dr. David Rogers was my surgeon when I had cervical spine surgery on Oct 1, 2007.His surgical skills are outstanding. He was meticulous and precise during the surgery and had a very kind and caring manner with me. Every time I saw Dr. Rogers during the last year, his kindness was greatly appreciated. His reputation as a wonderful surgeon, and caring doctor are truly deserve.

D. R., man, 61 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 09/05/2007

I am 62 years old and have had chronic pain since 1987. I had 3 major lower back surgeries (lumbar fusion), and now have been diagnosed with flat back syndrome. In 2000 during rehab for my back, a therapist injured my neck (herniated discs three levels), and for seven years I suffered severe neck, shoulder, left forearm, hand pain, and sever tremors. After Dr. David Rogers analyzed my case, he said he could help me with my pain level but could not promise relief with my tremors. After our initial appointment I knew in my heart that I would trust Dr. Rogers with my life. In September of 2007 he performed a 3 level cervical spine fusion. The results of the surgery have been far beyond my expectations! The pain in my neck, shoulders, forearm, and hand have been reduced by 80%, and my severe tremors have amazingly been reduced by 90%. Dr. Rogers is committed to his practice, and a never ending goal to keep his knowledge fine tuned. Dr. Rogers is especially committed to his patients. He has been a BLESSING to me and my family. Dr. Rogers also has an outstanding surgical team, and so is the office staff; Richard, Miriam, Maritza and Angela they treat the patients with respect and compassion.

J. J., man, 46 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 08/15/07

I would like to thank Dr. David Rogers for performing a successful cervical spine surgery. On August 15, 2007 an anterior c5-6 and c6-7 discectomies, decompressions, and intervertebral fusions with allograft bone graft was performed on my spine. After my surgery I did not need to go to physical therapy because he is an honest doctor with his patients who possesses a miraculous ability to cure. He is a very family oriented and a friendly doctor, simple yet very brilliant in his field. I was in so much pain before my operation that he finally told me that I needed surgery. Exactly one week after the operation I attended a family wedding and everyone was in shock after seeing me in a hospital bed. I did not even need to wear my neck brace because I did not need it. The good Lord has given him this great power to help people in need and to give them hope that they can function like they once did in their youth. Dr. Rogers has given me the ability to enjoy being with my family with no neck pain. I never believed that I would walk the way I used to before which thankfully I was proven wrong. He takes great pride in his work and creates a strong comfort zone between him and his patients. I am really grateful to have met a doctor of his caliber and an angel of a human being. Dr. Rogers, you are a true miracle-worker and life saver because I feel as good as new. Not only would my family and I like to thank Dr. Rogers, but we would also like to thank the staffs who were in the hospital and in the office for their hard work and their dedication to curing their patients. Thank you Dr. Rogers, You are the best.

G. V., woman, 69 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 06/13/07

I was in severe pain prior to my back surgery. I was unable to walk even a block. I currently have moderate surgical pain and getting better every day. I'm able to walk a block and hopefully soon as my muscles strengthen, I will be able to walk even further.

F. M., man, 44 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 05/30/07

Dr. Rogers conducted my second cervical surgery at level C3-4 after years of continued back and neck pain. I had a herniated disc at that level along with spinal cord compression. When I asked my pain management doctor who he would recommend to do my surgery, his response was simply "if I ever needed spinal surgery I would have Dr. David Rogers perform it on me." Even though I don't live in the area I decided to commute to get a consultation and the experience has been nothing short of fascinating. To this day, it amazes me how much time he spends with each and every patient. He is truly helpful, experienced and trustworthy. He went through every detail with me and my family prior to surgery. My family and friends can't say enough good things about how great he was in explaining to them what was going on before and after my procedure. He really does care about his patients. His staff is very professional and courteous and they make you feel as family when you are there. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rogers to anyone suffering from neck or back pain.

D. J., woman, 68 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 05/2/2007

Dr. Rogers is an excellent orthopedic surgeon. I am eternally grateful for his care, kindness and honesty. I had back problems for a long time. I had a severe pain when walking and also in the lower back. After the surgery, I felt much better. Today I can walk faster and the pain is not as severe as it was before. I recommend Dr. Rogers to others. Dr. Rogers has an excellent team; including staff in the hospital, the nurses, and the staff at his office.

J. H., woman, 59 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 04/25/2007

Eight years ago, I began to have issues with dizziness and pain in my lower back. The doctors I visited said that my symptoms were due to tiredness and nervousness. One doctor said that I had a chronic disease called miners. Finally I found the wonderful Dr. Rogers. Immediately he sent me to get x-rays, and he found out that I had cervical problems. I had 3 or 4 vertebrae in bad condition. Dr. Rogers recommended epidural injections. For the first 4 years the epidural injections helped me a lot, but the symptoms came back. I tried the epidural injections again but the results were not the same. My cervical was twice as bad as before. Dr. Rogers said that the only way to cure the pain would be a surgery, to repair my discs. Immediately I put myself under his care, Dr. Rogers conveys confidence, so I didn't have to think it twice. Dr. Rogers performed surgery on April 25, 2007. After the surgery the recovery is been excellent. Now I can say that in 2008 I am a completely recovered from my neck. I thank God for sending one of his angels to cure my pain, and that angel is Dr. Rogers! I feel I am a new person thanks to Dr. Rogers. As I patient I recommend Dr. Rogers to others, he is the best!!!

P. N., woman, 63 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 04/18/07

For several years I had been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome that caused constant numbness and tingling in both arms fingers, and hands. The pain was consistent and would generate predominantly on the left side of my neck and down to my lower back. My slew of doctors over the years had prescribed many medications and performed many tests that all proved unsuccessful with no clear diagnosis. X-rays, shots, therapy would ease the pains temporarily but nothing solved my many years of agony. Another opinion was in order so began my search. After discussions with several individuals over the years I came across a man, Jim Smith that had suffered with similar medical problems. He told me to seek the advice of a miracle worker, an orthopedic surgeon by the name of Dr. David Rogers who was affiliated with the Glendale Memorial Hospital. In March of 2007 I along with members of my family scheduled a consultation with Dr. Rogers, the so called miracle worker. We shared with him my history, the many tests, shots, medications, therapy, that I had been through during the last 20 years. He patiently listened then proceeded to share stories about previous patients. He understood why I would be skeptical considering that no doctor had been able to help me feel better thus far. Dr. Rogers explained that he would have to take a series of x-rays then would meet with me again to see if he could help. I decided to entertain yet another doctor and play along. At this point I was just tired of being in pain and decided to give Dr. Rogers this miracle worker an opportunity to see what he could do for me that no other doctor had been able to accomplish.

So began the miracle. Dr. Rogers gave me the news after reviewing the x-rays. He explained that my neck and several discs were to blame for the pain that I had experienced for almost 20 years. After review of the x-¬rays my neck looked like a deck of cards that was about to crumble. He explained that this was a serious issue and was not a matter of if we should operate but when and how fast can we operate. A surgery called "cervical fusion" was in order. Dr. Rogers believed that this surgery would alleviate or even eliminate my pain. This type of advanced surgery was foreign to me. He spoke of cadaver bones, titanium screws, etc. Of course, I needed time to absorb this news and talk to my family. A few days passed, we asked to meet with Dr. Rogers so that we could ask him a few questions. That evening we took 2 hours of Dr. Rogers’s precious time. He was gracious, patient and answered all of our questions. I scheduled the surgery that evening. In April of 2007 Dr. David Rogers performed the miracle. The surgery was intense and Dr. Rogers worked very hard as well as his surgical team. My recovery was relatively quick considering the complexity and severity of the surgery. By day five the pain that I had been experiencing for approximately 20 years was gone! The intense numbness in my fingers was gone! My neck pain had greatly improved! First time I had been pain free in 20 years! My first thought was what Jim Smith had told me just one month ago, Dr. Rogers is a miracle worker! I had experienced a miracle. Dr. David Rogers is my hero! Let me close this letter by saying "THANK YOU" to Dr. Rogers and his office staff who have always been professional, respectful, encouraging, kind, and most important caring.

W. W., man, 67 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 08/07/06

Since having my cervical spine surgery, I've been blessed to be able to use my arms in a normal fashion. I can raise my arms and wash my face with no pain since I had the surgery. Before the surgery, I was experiencing surgery which I don't feel anymore. I thank God for Dr. Rogers.

D.W., woman , 54 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 07/24/06

Back in June of 2006, my primary care physician diagnosed me with a degenerative disk disorder in my neck. She was unable to treat my condition so she referred me to Dr. Rogers. When I went to my first appointment to see Dr. Rogers, I had no idea what to expect. I walked into his office and the girls in the front were so welcoming. I have never been in an office where the front desk was so friendly. As I was waiting in the waiting room, my name was called and Heidi took me to the exam room. Heidi made me feel so comfortable because she was so easy to talk to. Dr. Rogers came into the room and immediately showed me how gentle and caring he is. He was very knowledgeable about my "case" and explained everything in detail that was wrong with my neck, and that I needed surgery. We then scheduled my surgery date along with a family consultation. I thought it was really special that he did that. I brought my husband, my two daughters and my mother, so they could ask all the questions they had. Dr. Rogers answered all their questions and made all of us more at ease about the procedure I was about to undergo. We were all impressed with him at this time. A month later I had my surgery. After he was finished with my surgery, he personally came out to the waiting room to talk to my family about what he had done during the 8¬hour surgery. He explained how he removed 9 bone spurs and fused 2 vertebras in my neck. Also, he explained what to expect in the next couple of weeks. He even gave my husband the old screws that were put in my neck a few years before (along with a DVD of my surgery). While I was in the hospital he came to my room everyday to check on me. He made me feel as though I was special to him because he cares. To this day I still see Dr. Rogers once a month. He still has that way about him that makes me feel special and that he cares about my recovery. I would recommend Dr. Rogers to anyone who has neck/back pain. In fact, my youngest daughter is now seeing him with neck problems of her own. Dr. Rogers is an incredible physician.

D. S., man, 55 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 01/11/06

I suffered from numbness in my arm and my hand. My primary care physician determined that I had herniated disks in my neck. He sent me to get a surgical opinion, but I was unhappy with that opinion and I wanted a second opinion. The day I met Dr. Rogers I knew I wanted him to perform the surgery. Dr. Rogers is a very caring person. He went out of his way helping me through my dilemma. He answered questions until I understood everything about my condition. He also made sure that I got the best care during my hospital stay. One big goal for Dr. Rogers was to get me back on my bicycle. I love riding long distances, and Dr. Rogers made sure that I could once again ride all day. I have never had a more pleasant doctor patient experience. Dr. Rogers and his entire staff treated me more like a family member than a patient. I cannot thank Dr. Rogers and his staff enough for their kindness and compassion. I have the highest regard for Dr. Rogers and I have no difficulty recommending his services to family members or to friends.

D.L., man, 60 at time of surgery, date of anterior lumbar spine surgery 12/14/05

I was experiencing lower back pain and after surgery everything went okay. The staff was very nice and I am doing fine.

T.K., man, 43 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 12/12/05

I was experiencing neck pain and Dr. Rogers did my surgery. The surgery went fine and the whole experience was great. Dr. Rogers would come and check on me in the hospital. I had a little pain after surgery, but I am slowly getting better. I thought it was really nice of him to see me in the hospital. He is overall just a nice guy. I liked him a lot. The staff is great as well. I liked everyone in the office. Dr. Rogers was also very informative and he goes over everything. I would recommend him to any one that has back or neck problems.

W.S., man, 35 at time of surgery, date of anterior lumbar spine surgery 11/30/05

I had pulled two discs in my back and I was 100% disabled. Now after surgery I am doing great! Dr. Rogers and his staff are great! Dr. Rogers did a great job. Everything is going good now.

M.B., woman, 67 at time of surgery, date of anterior lumbar spine surgery 11/07/05

I was referred by my own physician to go see Dr. Rogers. I had some problems with my back. My physician referred me to two doctors, one in Van Nuys and Dr. Rogers in Glendale and I chose Dr. Rogers. He is a very understanding man. He believes in God and that was very comforting. I had prayed so much that I could not pray anymore and I was completely relaxed. I had a surgery on the seventh of November and the ninth of November. After the first surgery I was so relaxed and I was ready for the second surgery. Dr. Rogers made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I could not have asked for a better doctor. He saw me every night in the hospital. If we had more Dr. Rogers it would be a better world!

L. M., woman, 55 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 10/24/05

My cervical spine surgery experience with Dr. Rogers has been the best decision I have made in my life. The surgery has improved my life because it has helped relieve me from the physical pain in my neck. With the help of the surgery, it feels like a ton of bricks have been lifted from my neck. The surgery has removed the stiffness from my neck and also alleviated the chronic pain. The surgery with Dr. Rogers has helped me gain my life back.
Prior to visiting Dr. Rogers, the pain that I was suffering from was unbearable. I was unable to move my neck up and down or side to side. There were days when I couldn't get out of bed because the pain was intolerable due to stiffness. I felt as though I was paralyzed. A year after my cervical spine surgery with Dr. Rogers, I saw a poster hanging in his office. On the poster there was a man sitting on a tractor and the man stated, "Dr. Rogers gave me my life back." When I saw Dr. Rogers, I told him about the poster and said to him, "That was my response right after surgery." I am grateful that Dr. Rogers was my surgeon and that the surgery was a success. Thank you Dr. Rogers for giving me my life back.

G.H., man, 52 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 10/17/05

I was really thrilled by my experience with Dr. Rogers and his staff from beginning to end. The staff is great and supportive; they went out of their way to help me. Dr. Rogers did a perfect job! There is a little bit of stabbing pain in my leg but the pain in my back is gone. The operation worked 100%. The staff tries not to make people wait very long, which is very nice because they probably know we all are in pain and do not want to wait very long. Dr. Rogers is very supportive. He is there if I have questions. His office was like being at a birthday party; there were no cross words said and all my needs were met. Before surgery, I weighed 120 pounds, I was in bed twenty four hours a day, and I could not keep anything down because the medications I was taking would make me sick. After surgery, my weight went up to 150 and I am taking fewer medications. Now I am able to enjoy the day and I can even take a walk if I want to. I have an increased quality of life. If my nerve twitching in my leg never gets fixed, I would still consider myself lucky and much better off due to everything that Dr. Rogers has done for me! He is just the neatest guy! His staff is neat as well. My family just adores him. Dr. Rogers is so thorough as well. He had my heart checked out and extra blood taken and stored away. His thoroughness gives patients confidence and that is very impressive. Dr. Rogers does not leave anything to chance; he makes sure everything is okay. A lot of doctors would not have been so thorough with all the tests he had done on me before surgery. Most of the surgeries Dr. Rogers performs are to fix other surgeon’s screw ups. Dr. Rogers and his staff make you feel like you are part of a family. I liked how clean the office was. I really like the fish tank. The fish and television were there to make the atmosphere more comfortable and I am sure they were put there to make the wait more enjoyable, but I never had to wait a long time. The whole atmosphere of the office is really neat. It was a great experience. There was not one single bad moment. I was very lucky to have fallen into Dr. Rogers’ hands.

L. Z., woman, 51 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 09/26/05

Let me start out by saying that I was extremely nervous about meeting the doctor. I had been too many doctors before ending up in Dr. Rogers' office. I had been through all of the "usual treatments": traction, ultrasound, tens units, trigger-point injections, and epidurals. Everything I tried was a temporary fix. I had been experiencing extreme pain for about a year and a half. When my husband and I met Dr. Rogers, I immediately felt that here was a doctor with truly compassionate feelings for his patients. He put us both at ease and explained in great detail just what the surgery would entail and was open to all our questions and fears (both about the surgery itself and our financial needs). We spent at least an hour and a half with him at our first meeting. His staff was absolutely wonderful. They had very positive attitudes, and you could tell that they love working with the doctor as well as love what they do, which is helping people to live fuller lives. When I went in to have my x-rays done, his tech assistant said I had the bones of an 80¬year-old woman. When I saw the x-rays in the light, I knew just how much truth there was to that statement. Dr. Rogers has made me feel like I could live some semblance of a normal life again. When he performed my surgery (allograft bone graft with (morphogenic protein), he also took the time in surgery to straighten out my spine before inserting the plate and pins. Everything went just as he explained and I was on the road to recovery. I wore my collar (a pain to be sure) but had it off in 5 weeks time. It was a very positive experience. My husband and I have developed a lasting friendship with the doctor. Besides being a fantastic doctor, he is a truly wonderful individual. HE SAVED MY LIFE. My discs were hitting my spinal cord and there was a possibility that I could have become paralyzed. That is a really scary feeling. I will never be totally pain free, as I have permanent nerve damage from before I ended up in Dr. Rogers' office, but at least I can live with the pain I have. I can never repay him for what he has given back. He is one of a kind, a leader in the Spine Surgery field and extremely intelligent and well-respected by his colleagues. Dr. Rogers is always continuing to broaden his knowledge and has a wonderful network of other talented and trustworthy physicians that he refers his patients to for other medical needs. I know this because I also had to have a right shoulder cuff repair and he sent me to Raven Orthopedics in Burbank, who has also done a wonderful job in repairing not just the shoulder, but my life. A heartfelt thanks to them also.

Just a brief note: I also had my neck surgery performed at Glendale Memorial Hospital. The employees at Glendale were unbelievably nice, very well-informed and coordinated my surgery with great efficiency. Any special needs they tried to meet, and I would recommend anyone needing medical attention to that facility. They are great.

I suffered from chronic pain in my neck for nearly 15 years from a work related injury and a botched surgery to correct it. After a rather scary trip to the emergency room in July of 2006, it was discovered that I would need another surgery to attempt to fix my "injury" again. The first person I thought of was Dr. David Rogers. I knew of Dr. Rogers through my son. Dr. Rogers did extensive back surgery on him and it was a great success.
Dr. Rogers and his staff are the most sincere, concerned, dedicated people that you could possibly hope for from medical professionals. They strive for excellence and they achieve it. I knew my surgery wasn't going to be an easy thing, but Dr. Rogers and his staff sure made it feel easy. You never left with a question unanswered. They had all the time in the world to put you at ease, and made sure you understood what was involved every step of the way.
As for my surgery, it was a GREAT success. I now live pain free. I have a range of motion that I never thought I would experience again. Did I mention that I am PAIN FREE? Dr. Rogers is the best. His staff is the best. The staff at Glendale Memorial is the best. If I had to face it all again, I would most certainly call on Dr. Rogers again! I would recommend him to anyone facing cervical spine or back surgery, and I have! THERE IS NOTHING BETTER ONCE YOU HAVE HAD THE BEST!

R.J., man, 70 at time of surgery, date of posterior lumbar spine surgery 08/15/05

Dr. Rogers is the best doctor that I have ever come across. He has a soul and he is such a sweet human being. I am not in any pain. For the first time in forty-five years, I am able to lie down on my back. He is an excellent surgeon. He cares about the patient and the family. What I really adore about him is that he believes in a supreme being. If I could I would adopt him! My wife comes to see Dr. Rogers. I like how he is up-to-date with technology and medicine. He is very caring towards his patients and their families. Dr. Rogers kept my wife in touched during the surgery and made sure she was taken care of. Dr. Rogers discovered a birth defect and he was able to fix that. I had seen six doctors before coming to Dr. Rogers and the first day I met him I knew he was the one that was to operate on me. Dr. Rogers has also looked at our daughter and son-in-law. If the whole world were filled with Dr. Rogers, we would have no problems at all!

29) A.K., woman, 61 at time of surgery, date of anterior lumbar spine surgery 07/29/05

Dr. Rogers is awesome! I had back pain and I could not do anything because I was in so much pain; it was ridiculous. Dr. Rogers did my surgery. The surgery took ten hours, but I survived it. In 2004 I had screws put in and in May 2006, I had the screws taken out. I would send anyone to him who has back problems. He is the top and best doctor ever! He is amazing and incredible. He is the best! They do not come any better than him. Not only is he young and good looking, he knows what he is doing! I have told all my friends about him. Dr. Rogers is the best doctor around.

M.F., man, 46 at time of surgery, date of posterior lumbar spine surgery 06/06/05

I was experiencing severe pain down the right side of my leg to my ankle. I could not walk. I was referred by own physician for surgery. Dr. Rogers is the best doctor to have been referred to. Everybody in the office is cool. It was a good experience. Dr. Rogers is the only person that I would let operate on me. I have a little back pain, but the leg pain is totally gone. Dr. Rogers is the best doctor in the world. He is like a brother to me; he is not cold towards his patients. The staff at the hospital and the staff at Dr. Rogers’ office were good and very pleasant. The girls at his office are amazing! He visited me while I was in the hospital. Dr. Rogers is a cool guy. I would refer him to anyone that has back problems. I like how he records his surgeries because most surgeons would probably be afraid to record their surgeries in case some complications would occur. I was impressed by how confident he is in himself to want to record his surgeries. Everybody that I met at the hospital has such respect for him as a professional. I had back problems for a long time, but right after surgery I was moving right away. Days after surgery, I was up and doing errands. What also impressed me about Dr. Rogers was how he puts patients first. I remember him trying to get a new MRI but my insurance company was giving us a hard time but he fought to get me a new MRI. I am one satisfied patient.

J.F., woman, 47 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery, 05/04/05

I was a referral and I am doing much better. Dr. Rogers fused my L4-L5 and L5-S1. I can walk for longer periods of time now. And the best part that I will always be thankful to Dr. Rogers for is that I cannot sit on the floor and play with my grandson and I am able to get back up off the floor with no pain! I can concentrate on other things and not have to think about my pain all the time. Dr. Rogers is very human; he does not have that god-complex that some doctors have. His staff is wonderful; they are just darlings. I am in contact with people who have a lot of back problems and I insist constantly that they go see him. From the first moment that I met Dr. Rogers I knew I could trust him.

R.B., man, 37 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 04/27/05

Heidi recommended me to Dr. Rogers. He is a great surgeon. I feel very good, very wonderful. I was experiencing back pain and numbness in my leg. I could not get out of bed some mornings because of the pain. It was stressful and could not do things I wanted to do until I had surgery by Dr. Rogers. He is a good doctor and surgeon and would recommend him to anyone with back pain.

F.R., man, 42 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 04/25/05

I was hurt on the job and I could not walk due to the pain in my lower back. I had discs in my lower back that were being crushed and pain would shoot down from my lower back to my leg. I was in pain for over a year and a half. Dr. Rogers fused some vertebrae in my back and I did physical therapy. A year later, he took out the rods and screws that were placed in my back. I am not at full capacity, but I can walk and sit for longer periods of time. I am much better now than what I was when I first came to see Dr. Rogers.

R. S., woman, 44 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 04/20/05

I have had excellent results from my cervical spine surgery with Dr. Rogers. I was suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain for quite a few years before I found Dr. Rogers. Although it took me a while to decide on having the surgery, the result was great and I wish I had undergone the surgery sooner. Thanks to Dr. Rogers, I feel great and I am living a pain-free life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Rogers. He is an excellent surgeon and a wonderful human being. He is one of a few doctors who. Truly cares about his patients. If I had to have the surgery all over again, I would have chosen Dr. Rogers to operate on my neck without hesitation. Thank you Dr. Rogers for all you have done for me.

K.T., woman, 40 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 03/23/05

I was referred to Dr. Rogers by my physician. I am a teacher and I was injured when a student tackled me and I was pushed against a door and my back hit the door handle pretty hard. I herniated my discs at L4 and L5 and I had some compressed nerves. I had tried IDET with another doctor before coming to see Dr. Rogers, but it turns out that the procedure did not heal as well as my previous surgeon had thought and Dr. Rogers had discovered this the night before the surgery and I am so lucky and grateful that he caught this! The IDET had compressed. He called me at home and discussed the pros and cons about the surgery, about my situation before surgery and what I would be like after surgery. I am really glad he did that. He is upfront and explained everything. Dr. Rogers did fusions at both levels. He had to operate from the front and the back, which was a hassle but it helped my back and the nerves in my leg a lot! My back greatly improved! He goes the extra mile and a lot of doctors would not call you at home to explain the surgery to you and answer your questions. While in the waiting room, I would talk with some of his patients and I met a lady that was injured in the Metro link crash in Glendale. When I first saw her she was in a wheelchair and after Dr. Rogers did surgery on her she was up and walking! I feel pleased with everything he has done for me. He was very friendly and very nice to my family. Dr. Rogers is just a sweet, good, considerate human being. He is very trustworthy. I bring my five year old son who is autistic to see Dr. Rogers. Dr. Rogers really cares about what happens to his patients after surgery. He takes into account the limitations before and after surgery and he is so nice about answering all my questions. Dr. Rogers is a fantastic person and a fantastic surgeon.

H.M., man, 78 at time of surgery, date of posterior cervical spine surgery 02/07/05

Dr. Rogers is wonderful and personable. He is exact and a very feeling person. He is just great! My spinal cord was being pressed against the bones in my back. He relieved the pressure and afterwards I could walk without pain! Dr. Rogers is very compassionate and considerate. My family thinks he is very nice and he is such a spiritual person. He also does not take his job for granted.

T.A., man, 41 at time of surgery, date of posterior lumbar spine surgery 10/04/04

I was experiencing pain in my lower back and pain was shooting down my left leg. I had a crooked walk. I was referred to Dr. Rogers through a friend, who had high expectations that everything would turn out great. I went to go see him and Dr. Rogers. I had no choice but to do what we had to do and have surgery. He told me everything that he was going to do. I was in one day, out the next. I was overwhelmed by how great the staff was. Everyone made me feel comfortable. Dr. Rogers was a godsend. I have not experienced any flare ups of pain. My whole family was amazed by the outcome of the surgery and how well I was doing afterwards. Dr. Rogers is truly great with his hands; he is one of a kind. I am doing great and I am performing between 95-99% of normal performance.

M.T., woman, 54 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 09/17/04

I was a referral case. I had a problem with my back. Dr. Rogers had x-rays done, we did a consultation, and we discovered that I needed to have surgery. I got a second opinion and the second doctor agreed that I needed to have surgery. I told Dr. Rogers to do what he had to do. I had total faith in him. Dr. Rogers has good bedside manners. He is an excellent doctor. It was not just a surgery to him. He explained everything that was going on with me; he did not cut any corners. He said there was going to be pain. He was straightforward and the surgery was a success. I believe that if you are upfront with someone, they will trust you more. I have even talked to some of his patients. I had vertebrae problems where bone was hitting bone, so I was in a lot of pain. I did everything he told me to do. I have all the faith in the world in him and I would go to Dr. Rogers again for surgery if I had to. I would recommend him to anyone with back and neck problems. I would trust Dr. Rogers with my life.

D.C., woman, 30 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 08/16/04

I first heard about Dr. Rogers from my physical therapist. Prior to coming to see Dr. Rogers, I had surgery to fuse my neck from a ruptured disk and I was going to therapy but I was not getting any better. On my first visit to Dr. Rogers, he discovered that my neck had not healed properly. Then he told me that he would be able to fix the problem, but it would require a second surgery. He was wonderful about helping me face the fears I had about surgery. Dr. Rogers explained everything to my family and me, before and after surgery, and in such a way that was easy to understand and was very reassuring. Dr. Rogers is without a doubt the best doctor I have ever worked with. He is a truly gifted surgeon who genuinely cares for his patient and for their well being. His kind, caring, and professional manner makes you feel that you are getting the best care possible. And you are! I am approaching the two year mark after surgery and I am 100% healed! My neck is healthy and I am leading a normal and very active life. I know this would not have been possible without Dr. Rogers.

J.B., man, 47 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior cervical spine surgery 08/09/04

When I was hurt, my friend encouraged me to get a second opinion and I am lucky I did because I believe that Dr. Rogers saved my life. Dr. Rogers is terrific! He uses cutting edge technology (no pun intended). He is a wonderful person. I give much credit and thanks to his profession. I cannot say enough about Dr. Rogers.

T.S., man, 31 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 07/30/04

I injured my back a second time and prior to that I had a lower back injury and a fusion surgery. My surgery consisted of rods and bolts around L4-L5 and L5-S1. The surgery relieved a lot of the pain and pressure in my lower back. I may not be 100% better, but I am close to it, and I feel much better. Dr. Rogers is a good guy and a good doctor. If I had to do everything all over again I would only go to Dr. Rogers. Dr. Rogers is the only one that I will allow to touch my back if I ever need surgery again.

N.D., woman 54 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 06/28/04

I had a lot of pain in my lower back. My leg and foot hurt a lot. I did all the treatments until there was no alternative left but to have surgery. Now I am great! He is a wonderful doctor. There is God and after God then there is medicine and Dr. Rogers.! I have little aches and pains every now and again but Dr. Rogers gave me the option to call him and I am grateful that I can call and consult him when something is bothering me. He did my last surgery and WOW! I am new again! I was so grateful. I can walk again! He is a great doctor. I would recommend him to anyone with back or neck problems.

A.G., man, 38 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 06/23/04

He is the best doctor. I had a broken back. After surgery I felt great! I still have some pain and limitations, but at least I am no longer crying from the pain. Dr. Rogers is an amazing man! My whole family loves him! He is so considerate! While during surgery, he would come out and talk to my family and tell them how the surgery was going. Dr. Rogers is more of a friend; he may be a doctor, but he treats you as a friend, not as a patient. He is a miracle worker. My sister goes to see him now.

G.R., man, 42 at time of surgery, date of posterior lumbar spine surgery 04/19/04

I was a referral case. What really impressed me was Dr. Rogers’ bedside manners and how he would explain everything so that I could understand what was wrong and needed to be done. My wife was impressed by his manners as well. He made all my fears and concerns disappear. To this day, I am doing really well. My wife was also impressed by his wiliness to answer questions. I thought he was an intern at first; he seemed so young! There is not enough to say! There is so much! I was also impressed by the staff. They were professional and courteous. For instance, I was offered a glass of water every five minutes! Dr. Rogers and his staff are awesome!

L.G., man, 53 at time of surgery, date of anterior and posterior lumbar spine surgery 04/12/04

I had a bad back since 1992 and Dr. Rogers operated on me and made it a whole lot better. He did a great job! He straightened my back and put in two new discs. I feel so much better! He really did a great job!

V.Z., woman, 54 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 03/29/04

Dr. Rogers is a great doctor! I told him he was my gentle giant. I was experiencing pain in my shoulder area and especially around my neck. I was a referral case. I had surgery on my vertebrae. I feel good with a little soreness, but I would say that the surgery went very well. He was such a kind doctor. A lot of doctors do not take their time anymore; they get you into their offices, and its hello and goodbye. Dr. Rogers takes his time and explains everything and answers my questions. He is going to be the top of his profession! He was there for me throughout everything that was going on in my life. He reminded my children of the kid doctor from that show “Doggie Hawser, M.D.” He seems so young!

F.J., woman, 47 at time of surgery, date of anterior cervical spine surgery 01/05/04

I came to see Dr. Rogers about my cervical spine. I was in a lot of pain. After several sessions, Dr. Rogers decided I needed surgery and he performed the surgery. I am progressing nicely. I am able to move around, I feel no restrictions around my neck, and I am now functioning like a normal person. I am no longer bed ridden. All my praises go to Dr. Rogers.